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  • Ru 3d metallic photoemission spectrum fitted. The data were published by Kaga et al. (accession #0041702). The film was deposited on a glass substrate by reactive sputtering. A signal from oxygen was detected in the sample but the area is too small to be associated with any of the Ru 3d peaks and a Ru oxide (under the MultiLayer Method, considering the formation of a top ruthenium oxide layer, the composition of the oxide is RuO0.2), which strongly suggests that the three Ru 3d peaks are metallic components and that the oxygen signal is associated with an adventitious species. The branching ratio of the three doublets was forced to be equal to the theoretically expected value (0.6901), which was taken from the Scofield tables. Department of Materials Science, Kitami Institute of Technology, 165 Koen-cho, Kitami 090-8507, Japan, "Ru and RuO2 Thin Films by XPS", Surface Science Spectra 6, 68-74 (1999) more

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    Files :

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    Information about the sample:

    • Shape: Flat Surface

    • Sample material: Metallic Ru

    • Elements: Ru

    • Sample composition: Ru

    Data acquisition parameters:

    • Photon source: Al Ka (monochromatic)

    • Pass energy: 23.5

    • Take-off angle: 0

    Equipment and analysis software:

    • Brand: Physical Electronics, Inc.

    • Model: 1600

    • Spectrometer mode: constant pass energy

    • Software used: Analyzer


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