Saving Options

All saving options may be accessed under the “file” drop menu.

  • File list (.fil)

    This option saves an AAnalyzer project. It records every modification/adjustment made in the “data” tab, as well as all peaks and parameters on the “fitting parameters” tab. These files (.fil) can be accessed with the initial pop-up window, or by clicking the “open project” button on the “data” tab.

  • Parameters (.par)

    This option saves the parameters of all active peaks in the “fitting parameters” tab. These files (.par) can be uploaded into AAnalyzer using the “Open Parameters” button near the upper-left corner of the “fitting parameters” tab, or they can also be viewed using any text editing software.

  • All fits (.fit)

    This option saves the following project information into channels: “x axis”, experimental data, final fit, background, peak 0, peak 1, peak 2, and so on, and can be viewed with any text editing software. These files (.fit) save information of only one file on the “data” tab.

  • Table (.tbl)

    This option saves the current table displayed in the “results table” tab. To save a table with a different parameter, select the new parameter on the “results for” drop box and save. These files (.tbl) can be viewed with any text editing or spread sheet software (such as Microsoft Excel). For more information about the “results table” please refer to the “Using the results table and results plot” instructional tab.