Calculating Uncertainties

All saving options may be accessed under the “file” drop menu.

  • This function is available in the “Results table” tab; however, it needs to be activated prior to making the fit. Under the “Actions” drop menu, press “…calculating uncertainties” to activate it.

  • By activating the uncertainties function, AAnalyzer automatically assumes Poisson Statistics. Make sure to set an appropriate “gain” in order to indicate total count values instead of normalized count values. This can be done in the “data” tab. After inputting a “gain” value, press the “gain=” button, to apply it to all the files in the “data” tab. The gain value should be the product of the dwelling time and the number of scans.

  • Once you have set a “gain” value, fit the data once more; this time, AAnalyzer will calculate uncertainties while performing the fit. For more information about how to perform a fit, please refer to the “Fitting singlet peaks” or “Fitting multiple files” instructional tabs. This example shows the uncertainties of the Gaussian width of “peak 0” and “peak 1”

  • To remove Poisson Statistics, uncheck the “Assume Poisson Statistics” option by selecting it under the “Options” drop menu.