Licensed version

The licensed version, once installed, wiil no require internet connection to work. The software runs on MS Windows. Mac users require a Windows simulator.

If you are part of a group with multiple users of AAnalyzer, RDATAA encourages that every member obtain a copy of the software by offering the Group-License ("Group License" = more than one) option. If you get (on already have) an AAnalyzer License, you could upgrade it to a Group-License later on.

1 700 usd 1000 usd 1300 usd
2 1200 usd 1700 usd 2300 usd
3 1500 usd 2200 usd 3000 usd
5 2000 usd 3000 usd 4000 usd
10 3000 usd 4500 usd 6000 usd
20 4500 usd 7000 usd 9000 usd

To acquire a single license or a group license:

please select the payment option and click on "proceed to ordering"


Wire transfer